The Color of Money: Profitable Lighting for the 户外 Auto Showroom

When four in five new car buyers say a vehicle’s color can make or break the deal, a lighting 升级 can a powerful sales tool.

户外 Auto Showroom deal
发表于: 8/24/2022

研究 confirms that nothing hooks a shopper’s attention like the glossy, lustrous colors of your frontline cars 和 trucks. 如今的库存处于历史低位,人口结构也在不断变化,这意味着现在是获得更好光线优势的最佳时机. 有取舍吗?? 是的,他们都很好. 情况是这样的.


Vehicle color matters to the new car buyer – 和 matters a lot. 研究 by Philadelphia-based Axalta, a manufacturer of automotive paints 和 coatings, 发现79%的美国买家说颜色对他们的选择很重要,一半的人说颜色很重要 非常 重要的.

汽车制造商知道这一点,每年花费数百万美元来研究和完善新的油漆颜色和效果. 但是美丽的色彩, 闪烁的高光和有光泽的透明涂层只有在这些颜色和效果最好的时候才能对买家发挥作用. 这就是为什么室内和室外展厅的照明质量是至关重要的. And most 重要的 of all is your lighting’s 中国国际广播电台.

Before You Talk AWD, GPS 和 MPG to Customers, Talk 中国国际广播电台 to Us.

The science of color perception is mind-bogglingly complex. But the bottom line can be simplified into the three-letter acronym 中国国际广播电台,代表的是 显色指数.

色彩还原是光源与自然光相比再现物体颜色的能力. The Color Rendition Index, or 中国国际广播电台, measures that ability on a scale from 0 to 100. At the bottom of the scale, all colors look the same. 中国国际广播电台值越高,光源呈现颜色的方式就越接近日光.  If a light source has a 中国国际广播电台 of 100, the colors of objects like cars, clothing 和 food will appear exactly as they would in natural light.

中国国际广播电台为90的LED照明使您的汽车和卡车库存全天候看起来很棒-无论是在停车场还是在展厅-无论是在清晨, at a cloudy noontime 和 or at night. That’s why many 克里族照明 solutions for auto dealerships deliver 90 中国国际广播电台 or higher.

为什么 Lighting That’s “Good Enough” Simply Isn’t.

The general purpose of outdoor lighting is to make it possible to see at night, whether for safety 和 security or to enable navigation 和 activity. 但在市政公园的户外停车场,70或80 中国国际广播电台就足够了,这两者之间有很大的区别, 户外汽车陈列室的密集购物零售环境挤满了高价车和高情感投资. 毕竟, 如果90 中国国际广播电台是杂货店的规格,让全国十大赌博官网看起来更有吸引力, why would you settle for anything less at a dealership where you’re selling $100,000辆汽车?

And when significant money, visual appeal or personal appearance are on the line, a consumer’s reaction to inauthentic colors can be strongly negative. Remember CFLs – compact fluorescent bulbs? 你讨厌他们,对吧? cfl被广泛拒绝的原因之一是,尽管它比白炽灯泡省了很多钱, 政府广泛的公共服务活动和公用事业公司的大量赠品导致了它们糟糕的显色性:许多CFL灯泡的显色指数在65到75之间,许多人讨厌它们的外观.

类似的, 发表在《十大赌博信誉的平台》杂志上的一项研究发现,人们对显色指数的下降比对光线水平的下降更敏感. When lighting is reduced just 20 points 从100到80 中国国际广播电台, many consider the resulting colors less pleasant, some will experience that lighting as less comfortable, 和 nearly all will make more errors in telling colors apart. Lower 中国国际广播电台 can make colors look dull 和 washed out, 和 the researchers found that reducing 中国国际广播电台 just 20 points, 从100到80, was as disagreeable 和 noticeable to most people as dropping the amount of light by 60%. [1]

If 50 (Years) Is The New 30, 90 (中国国际广播电台) Should Be The New 70.

将经销商升级到90以上的中国国际广播电台照明将对您的最佳客户产生最大的影响:拥有最多可自由支配收入的50以上客户, the best credit 和 the greatest potential for upsell.

With Millennials 和 Zoomers buying fewer cars, 2021年,美国新车或卡车购买者的平均年龄上升至53岁, 和 the 55+ age group saw a 15% bump in new vehicle purchases since 2000. 这对经销商应该如何展示他们的汽车,以最好的方式展示它们有着深远的影响.

为什么? Because due to normal age-related changes to the eyes 和 eye diseases, it takes between three 和 five times as much light for a 60-year-old to see as well as a 20-year-old. 更重要的是, older eyes have more difficulty shifting from brightly to dimly lit spaces or vice versa, 和 the retinal cells responsible for normal color vision can lose sensitivity, meaning colors appear less bright 和 less distinct. Blues especially can look faded or muted.

Nothing helps counter this degeneration like Better Light from 克里族照明:更多的光, 更均匀的光线, 高质量的光与更高的中国国际广播电台都有助于确保每个人都能欣赏到完美无瑕的油漆工作或紧双缝线在皮革内饰的鲜艳色彩.


中国国际广播电台一边, quality LED lighting offers a host of benefits to a dealership, from energy savings 和 reduced maintenance to 更均匀的光线ing, longer useful life 和 full controls.  The precision offered by LEDs can curtail light trespass 和 light pollution, 具有可调色温的led可以“加热”或“冷却”环境光来设定情绪, boost attention or support a natural circadian rhythm.

Beyond its clear benefits on the sales lot 和 indoor showroom, 90 中国国际广播电台 lighting delivers a big br和 boost in dealership service bays. 肮脏的, 昨天服务中心的油污和混乱已经被明亮的灯光所取代, 一尘不染,组织有序的设施,激发信心,帮助保持工人的注意力, 安全高效.

Today’s service technicians must examine the color, texture 和 condition of fluids, 腰带, 软管和垫圈. Plus they must be able to read part numbers, decals, instructions 和 display screens.  提供更好的光线和改进的色彩还原可以帮助减少服务积压和客户等待时间,保持十大赌博信誉的平台人员的警觉和工作.

A 90 中国国际广播电台 Bright Spot In That Inventory Shortage

Supply chain chokepoints are yet another post-COVID reality for dealerships, 和 computer chip shortages have left many dealers with historically low inventories. 你可以利用这段时间来快速安全地升级你的照明系统,同时把对你业务的干扰降到最低.


当你 do 升级, 不要惊讶,如果你看到一个明显的上升的流量,听到这样的评论, “你装修了吗??或者“这个地方是新的吗??” or “Funny, I drive by all here all the time but never noticed you before.”

With You on the Frontline 24x7.

克里族照明 pioneered LED commercial lighting, bringing the first viable products to market for both outdoor 和 indoor environments. We’re still innovating today, 认真听取客户的意见,为他们提供别人无法提供的解决方案.

举个例子:我们的Automotive FrontlineOptic™十大赌博信誉的平台是专门设计的,可以最大限度地提高前排高端旗舰车的吸引力. Powered by 克里族照明’s patented TrueWhite® Technology, our OSQ™系列THE EDGE®系列 灯具在“日光”条件下提供逼真的显色性,在5000K下具有90+ 中国国际广播电台. 值得注意的是, 这些灯具保持超过90%的光输出超过十年-与传统的金属卤化物照明形成鲜明对比,传统的金属卤化物照明在运行的第一年可能会失去40%或更多的初始光输出,并且随着时间的推移可能会遭受显着的颜色变化.

采用FrontlineOptic™十大赌博信誉的平台的OSQ系列灯具具有光学精度,可以在很少或没有浪费的情况下将光线照射到目标上, 减少光污染,同时比传统十大赌博信誉的平台节省50%以上的能源. 90 中国国际广播电台的影响将极大地增强任何经销商的外观吸引力-使OSQ系列灯具与Automotive FrontlineOptic™成为您经销商的完美解决方案.

我们最喜欢的颜色? 红色,白色和蓝色. 克里族照明 是一个 美国公司 owned by an American family. 几乎所有科锐照明品牌的汽车照明全国十大赌博官网都是在美国制造的,并为美国提供了数千个就业机会.

[1] Konstantinos Papamichael, Michael Siminovitch, Jennifer A. 维奇 & 洛恩·怀特黑德(2016) High Color Rendering Can Enable Better Vision without Requiring More Power, LEUKOS, 12:1-2, 27-38, DOI: 10.1080/15502724.2015.1004412






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